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Mission: To engage the community in the prevention of Opioid Use Disorders (OUD), the reduction of stigma, and the promotion of treatment, recovery, and wellness.

Show us your wellness warrior activities - what are the things in your life you do to promote wellness?

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Get involved

  1. Get trained on Naloxone use and Carry it
  2. Dispose of unused opioid medications that might be in your home
  3. Learn about Harm Reduction and how to help those who are suffering from Substance Use Disorder by educating yourself. Check our extensive YouTube educational library
  4. Get involved! Attend one of our Coalition meetings, support the work that is happening in our community!

How to submit your Wellness Warrior Videos.

Get your free Naloxone kit and submit your own video showing us your favorite wellness activity. Submit your video of your Wellness Activity to RxSafe Del Norte! Find out more about how to get your kit and submit your video by emailing RxSafeDelNorte@gmail.com

Checklist for Shooting your Pass the Naloxone Challenge piece

Welcome to Rx Safe Del Norte!

We are a Coalition of #WellnessWarriors, engaging our community in the prevention of Opioid Use Disorder, the reduction of stigma, and the promotion of treatment recovery, and wellness. Our Wellness Warrior campaign is designed to empower those who advocate for harm reduction practices and center those managing OUD within the conversation. We wish to celebrate and honor wellness and recovery every day.

Wellness can be a challenge for those who are facing addiction. Stigma, shame, trauma can keep those who are struggling from being able to reach out for help or to pursue the things that give them health and hope. We know that in order to overcome addiction, one needs to survive addiction. Therefore one of the things you can do to help those who are struggling is carrying Naloxone.

Normalizing carrying Naloxone and making it a part of your first aid kit is one major step you can take in preventing Opioid-related death. Naloxone is a life-saving drug that is convenient to carry and is also a leading defense used by first responders to fight the opioid epidemic. You can get free Naloxone by simply watching our series of 8 Naloxone training videos on Rx Safe Del Norte’s Youtube channel, and filling out the attached evaluation form.

Why Naloxone

Naloxone is a life-saving medication that everyone should carry. Anyone who is using an opioid through prescription or otherwise is at risk of an overdose. If someone uses too much or mixes an opioid with another substance such as alcohol the risk of overdose is very high. And Naloxone is easy to use, easy to get, and should be added to everyone’s first aid kits!

How You Can Get Your Own To Carry

Rx Safe Del Norte has received Naloxone from a grant from the California Public Health Department to make available to our community. All you have to do is watch our short video series, and then take the quiz and we will deliver your Naloxone to you! If you would like some more one on one coaching or have a group trained you can contact us and make arrangements!

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